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Exclusive Projects

Sacred Heart Childrens Hospital Mural


Experimenting with new art forms may have its challenges, but Lauren says “it has truly been the best way for me to grow as an artist”. As a high school senior in 2019, The Studer Family Children's Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart, Pensacola, Florida  gave Lauren an opportunity to paint her first outdoor mural. The playfully portrayal of children  symbolizes the resilience of children, focusing on childhood cancer.  The gold childhood cancer ribbon takes you along the journey showing the assisted support animal to playful children. Lauren knew she wanted to create something that would tie into every family who walked by, hoping to provide them with a smile and to show a supportive community is behind them every step of the way.

2023 Pensacola Seafood festival poster artist winner


In July 2023, Lauren decided to submit a painting into her first contest. About a month later, she received a call that her painting had been chosen to be the poster artwork for the 2023 Pensacola Seafood Festival. Her artwork was showcased on all marketing and merchandise for the festival.

Mural for Baptist Hospital Behavioral Unit


Cat Country 98.7 Mural

In 2020, Lauren was contacted by Dave and Mary Hoxing of Cat Country 98.7, the two time CMA country music Station of the Year (2017, 2019), and 2020 ACM country Station of the Year.


Radio Personality of the Year (2009,2019) and four time Personality Nominee (2008,2017,2018,2020) Brent Lane of Cat Country 98.7, hired Lauren to challenge herself with an extensive outdoor painting, her first of this magnitude. Prior to the start of painting, Lauren created her first digital design of her then future painting.  Once approved by Brent, she spent countless hours during the summer of 2021 creating a painting that highlights the landmarks of Pensacola. The  40ft x 8ft freehand painting is on a storage pod, that is seen by thousands of daily commuters on the transition between Interstate 110 and I-10 East in Pensacola, Florida. 


Auctioned off at Florida State University Chi Omega


At Chi Omega, they are committed to making a meaningful impact through philanthropy and community service. In September 2022, Lauren generously donated a beautiful painting to their chapter at Florida State University. During one of their philanthropic events, they auctioned off Lauren's painting to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of their members and supporters, the painting not only found a new home but also helped them raise an impressive $3,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This is just one example of how Lauren is dedicated in helping make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Pensacola Mall Ball Live Auction Item


   In November of 2020, Lauren was given the opportunity by the Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation to design and create an 18x24 painting for the 2021 Virtual Cordova Mall Ball. The original one- of- a- kind painting was auctioned off at the silent auction and copies were made for select sponsors, the Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation, and the Children's Hospital.  

Brief Description of Painting by Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation


This one-of-a-kind acrylic painting was created by local artist, Lauren Bonner, to benefit the Bear Family Foundation Pediatric Oncology Center of Hope through the 26th Annual Cordova Mall Ball. Lauren Bonner is the daughter of Cindi and Chad Bonner and the granddaughter of Belle and Lewis Bear, Jr.  She has a passion for painting and bringing awareness to childhood cancer. In creating this piece, Lauren said  “this painting is supposed to tell a story about how when we come together, there can be hope." Lauren's joyful smile and servant heart is a ray of hope to many. 

On Display In the Pensacola Museum of Art


"Brainwashed Inspiration" is on display in the Pensacola Museum of Art November 2022- January 2023. This piece is being featured with other artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Mr. Brainwash, and Banksy. 

December's 2022 Featured Artist in The Downtown Crowd Issue



Lauren's passion for philanthropy runs  deep from a young age. The generations before Lauren instilled in her the importance of her family giving back to others in need. 


When she turned 18 she was appointed a position on the  board of directors of her families foundation, The Bear Family Foundation. Although Lauren had to wait until 18 to join the board, she recognized at a very young age the  immense impact the role of her family continues to have on the betterment for all people in Pensacola, Florida  and the surrounding communities. The generosity she had witnessed over the years inspires her to follow in their footsteps. The great fortune of being a part of such a loving, generous, and supportive family has genuinely helped Lauren get to where she is today as an artist. 
While in high school, Lauren was awarded the Escambia County Youth Volunteer of the Year, Youth of the Year Award by the Junior League of Pensacola, and Northwest Florida Youth Philanthropy Award by the Association of Fundraising Professionals West Florida Chapter. While she is proud of her art and academic accomplishments during high school, she is most proud of serving her community with over 500 volunteer service hours, while in high school. 


Art Awards​

  • Bright Images Exhibit

    • ​Best In Show Award, 2018

  • Congressional Art Show watercolor medium award, 2018 

  • Portfolio Studio Art Award, 2018

  • Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart

    • ​Selected to paint wall mural representing Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 

  • Gulf Coast Arts Festival awards, 2017

  • Bright Images Exhibit mixed media award, 2017 



“Coming from someone who cannot draw a straight line using a ruler, I find myself in awe when viewing Laurens artwork.  Not only is the variety of what she draws impressive; from personal portraits to sophisticated collages, but I am most impressed with her talents using all sorts of art instruments from graphite to paint to charcoal, etc.  It is exciting to see her use her god-given talents and how she interprets the world around her through beautiful inspiring masterpieces."

- Michael G.

"I have been a fan of Lauren Bonner Art since early on in her career. I was impressed with her talent, especially knowing she had yet to have any training.  Her creative eye and eagerness to explore new designs will lead her to a bright future in the arts.  The specialized training she is receiving at SCAD is evident in her work over the past two years.  Over the past few years, I  have purchased four pieces from Lauren, each having their own expression through the variety of mediums.   I can’t wait to continuing watching her grow as an artist and hopefully support her amazing talent by ordering additional commission pieces."

- Cindi B.

"Lauren is such a dedicated and talented painter. She can create one of a kind abstract paintings or any design you can dream of. If you’re looking for a new unique piece to add to your home, Lauren Bonner Art is the best choice for you!"

-Maddie M.

"Lauren approaches her work with incredible creative thought and vision which is why her pieces captivate a large audience.  She has immersed herself in just about every medium and never ceases to amaze me with her raw, natural talent and the speed and ease at which she excels in each new artistic path she takes!"

- Laura C.

"Beyond Lauren's immense talent, what really shines through in her art is her dedication and love for the craft."

- Ansley K.

"Lauren has produced work in diverse forms, from drawings using graphite to make preparatory sketching of still objects to paintings using acrylics, oils, and watercolors to make landscapes and abstracts.  Her keen attention to detail and creativity is at the forefront of all of her work and really captures the eye of the viewer.  Lauren’s work is both engaging and inspiring, and each piece provokes wonder and awe."

-David B.

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